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Leadership: Be YOU

Fatima Raza

In the modern context, most people are being bombarded with images of ‘leadership’ and how to be a good leader by those who are very close to us, parents, friends, teachers, tutors, mentors and yes, sometimes even politicians, in general people who we hold in high esteem. These people present a morass of different ideas, values and ethics that they then filter on to us to give us a more personalized direction on leadership. Nonetheless, the best way to be a good leader and for that matter an individual who although may not be a leader but possesses leadership qualities is to be confident and aware of your own Self.

You Gotta Be You. More often than not; and especially as women and more directly as Muslim women, we forget that our own individuality is the true source of our leadership. By being the best you possible; you can give to the wider world something that it requires and something that it needs. The world requires uniqueness, the world requires you and only you can be the true you. Leadership does not necessarily then mean that you have to have thousands following in your footsteps, not everybody can be a Benazir Bhutto or Mehreen Faruqi or Linda Sarsour, but neither can Mehreen Faruqi be the best Fariiha or Zainab or Yasmin. Therefore, your leadership quality and style is hidden in your own true self, the only need is for you to realize your uniqueness through your personhood by presenting not a version of yourself but by being yourself. That is leadership. To be a leader You Just Gotta Be You!

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